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We are one of the biggest importers of raisins from Central Asia!

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Sultana raisins are made from the sultana grape. The term “sultana” refers to golden-colored dried grapes, which may also be called “golden raisins”.

Sultana raisins are eaten as a snack food without further processing and are used in a variety of dishes, such as fruitcake and Bath buns, sometimes prepared by soaking in water, fruit juice, or alcohol.

Raisins facts

  • Types of packaging: 10 kg and 12,5kg cardboard boxes
  • Flexibility to choose other forms of packaging
  • Higher quality compared to other market participants

The production capacity of 4 tons per hour!
Newest equipment that has no analogues!

Quality driven

Strive for perfection

We are eager to provide the best possible quality. Our modern technical equipment alongside our well regulated internal quality control and professional staff ensures maximum efficiency at providing our clients with raisins of superior quality.

  • No foreign materials in the package!
  • No trace of stones or other manufacturing leftovers!

Quality of our products

quality of globalberry

Every day the warehouse processes up to 200 tons of various dried fruits and agricultural products!
Fully equipped with the latest technical and sanitary standards!

Packaging and delivery

Cargo Container and Goods.

Specification for packaging

  • 10 kg Standard cardboard box
  • 12,5 kg Standard cardboard box

The package consists of cardboard (carton) box with a food grade plastic bag liner inside.
All of the boxes are sealed with the tape and marked accordingly!

Our main delivery region is Europe.

delivery options

We are flexible and responsive!
We work precisely and efficiently!

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Address: Skolas 21-312, Riga, Latvia, LV-1010

Phone: +371 23-777-405

Web: www.globalberry.eu

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Address: Adama Branickiego 12, Warsaw, Poland, 02-788

Alisher Khudjanazarov

Kazakhstan branch

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Address: Kabdollaeva 16-7/1, 050062, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Aziz Mirzabaev

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